Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been online much lately. I've been SUPER busy and have had no music inspiration lately. I've really just been focusing on two things: work and my webcomic. However I'll try to post music again soon - but lots of things have been changing in my life so I don't have much time anymore! So ... that's what's been happening. 


2017-03-07 13:34:41 by phoenixapprentice

So I mainly just post music here to Newgrounds, BUT I also enjoy drawing and writing and have recently released a webcomic I've been working on for 2 years named Artificial Planet. If any of y'all are interested in space aliens, robots, super smart blenders, and shady government conspiracies, you can check it out here!

I exist

2017-01-18 13:03:53 by phoenixapprentice

I haven't been on here in a long time because I took a huge blow to my confidence sometime in October last year. I've been making music still, but I haven't been posting it. So I think I'll start posting it again.

FL Studio Desktop

2016-09-01 15:24:00 by phoenixapprentice

I've had the FL Studio Desktop version for a while now, but I'm finally starting to learn how to use it (It's a little overwhelming O_O). Hopefully it'll help me to make awesomer stuff! 

New here

2016-08-06 13:43:49 by phoenixapprentice

Hey world I'm new here to this website but I wanted a place to upload my audio that wasn't Soundcloud so here I am. I have 66 songs to upload so expect a lot all at once.