2017 Submissions

Revenant Fusion Song
Necropolis Fusion Song
Somewhere Else Fusion Song
Nocturne Fusion Song
Symphoria Dubstep Song
Miracle Dubstep Song
Comatose Miscellaneous Song
The Chrome Piano (chillstep) Miscellaneous Song
Floating Cinematic Song
Bloom Cinematic Song
Isle of the Silver Trees (Chillstep) Dubstep Song
Phantasmagoria Drum N Bass Song
Redshift (Chillstep) Dubstep Song
Paradox World Dubstep Song
Glow Cinematic Song
Ice Cinematic Song
Firth Cinematic Song
New Republic of Vacia Cinematic Song
The Crystal Thaumaturge (remaster) Cinematic Song
Emerald Sky (Chillstep) Dubstep Song
Wish of the Stars (Chillstep) Dubstep Song
Eternity Theory (Chillstep) Dubstep Song
Interdimensional (Chillstep) Dubstep Song
The Girl From Saturn Dubstep Song
[PA-GDBH] -Ceratanium- Trance Song
Cloud 10 (chillstep) Dubstep Song
The Labs Video Game Song
Digital Delirium Trance Song
MWI Cinematic Song
Frostbite Heart Cinematic Song
The Milky Way Trance Song
Descent Cinematic Song
Infinity Mechanism Trance Song
Winterworth Cinematic Song
Broith Trance Song
The Crystal Thaumaturge Cinematic Song
Griffon Cinematic Song
Altyra Cinematic Song
The Greyfeathers (reposted) Cinematic Song
Thaumaturgy Cinematic Song
Dragonbane Cinematic Song
Izumi Phantomcloak Cinematic Song
Night in Uprissance Cinematic Song
Uprissance Cinematic Song
Junkyard (reposted) Video Game Song
Supergiant Drum N Bass Song
Atomic Soul Drum N Bass Song
INVASION Fusion Song
Aftermath Ambient Song
{pA} Catastrophica Ambient Song
{pA} Aven Devero Dance Song
{pA} POWERDOWN Cinematic Song
{pA} Smappledroid 2 Trance Song
{pA} Artificial Brain Techno Song
{pA} Mothership Video Game Song
{pA} Prison Break Video Game Song
{pA} Buckarobots Miscellaneous Song
{pA} Memories Trance Song
{pA} The Milky Sorbet Video Game Song
{pA} Neon Nightmare Dance Song
{pA} Preece Fusion Song
{pA} Cyephere Techno Song
{pA} Terrim Cinematic Song
{pA} Artificial Planet Trance Song
{pA} Newton Godfrey Jazz Song
{pA} Jazzteroid Jazz Song
{pA} Helix Blossom Trance Song
{pA} Forest Video Game Song
{pA} Vacia Fusion Song
{pA} The Queen Dance Song
{pA} City Stepper Drum N Bass Song
{pA} Yellow Planet Trance Song
{pA} Cosmic Trails Trance Song
{pA} Event Horizon Experimental Song
{pA} Xylia Cinematic Song
{pA} The Novene Project Drum N Bass Song
{pA} Electric Empire Dance Song
{pA} Digital Clocktower Techno Song
{pA} Swamp Video Game Song
{pA} Foxglove Trance Song
{pA} The Face Stealer Cinematic Song
{pA} Antigravity Dubstep Song
{pA} Cybergenesis Techno Song
{pA} Artificial Heart Techno Song